Hey, I'm Maria!

Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry, and then I cry some more because it just feels so gosh darn beautiful to be alive.

Sometimes this is in private. Sometimes it’s in the produce aisle of Whole Foods. What I’m trying to say is life is too darn short to be anything other than unapologetically yourself.

Being yourself, wearing your heart on your sleeve and being vulnerable? It’s HARD. It’s rare. But wow is it so liberating when you let your walls down and embrace all the warmth that will inevitably flood in. 

After photographing big weddings for nearly 7 years, I became tired of watching my couples “hold in” their true selves on their wedding days. It felt like a soul crushing experience each time I watched the production and stress of a big wedding overshadow why it was taking place in the first place. I watched beautiful humans with deep connections get lost in the hustle of a day that was supposed to be about...just that.

So, I’m just gonna say it. Your wedding day should be about YOU.

I hereby give you permission to show up as the most vulnerable, real & imperfect version of yourself on your wedding day.

I am here to empower you to embrace a wedding day experience that follows your heart first and traditions last (or not at all). I am here to ignite an experience that is the theme song to the profound connection you’ve found with your soul mate. 
Oh, and take beautiful photos along the way to tell your story. I’m also here for that.

Bottom line?  

Be exactly who you are and I will do the rest.

So what are you waiting for?

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, traveling anywhere on planet earth. Here are some of my favorite elopement locations. I could go on forever, but here’s a short list. Some I have been many times (and am dying to go back), and others have not yet been explored!

My Bucket List

Pack your bags!!

Sedona, Arizona (I SPECIALIZE HERE!)
Arches National Park, Utah
Yosemite National Park, California
Big Sur, California
Cannon Beach, Oregon
White Sands National Park, New Mexico
Zion National Park, Utah
The Redwoods, California
Hawaii/anywhere tropical
Glamis Sand Dunes, CAlifornia
anywhere with waterfalls

Lover of Stargazing 

There's nothing better than gazing up at the night sky and letting your mind wander. Constellations are a beautiful reminder of how interconnected we are.

Starry-eyed sentimentalist

I have way too many keepsake boxes filled with love letters, photos, and journal entries from past. Nostalgia is my middle name. 

Believer in karma

You get back what you put out.
 I live by this belief and do my best to put out light, love, and positive vibrations into the world.  I try to approach all aspects of life with pure intentions. 

I love traveling and visiting new places. Hiking & exploring fuel my soul. You won't see me traveling for leisure with a set itinerary.
I like to let my intuition guide me!

Adventure seeking traveler

Believer in fate

What's meant to be will be.
Follow your intuition and know you are on your life's path.

Listener of acoustic folk

I've been playing acoustic guitar and singing since I was little.
Acoustic folk music calls me home and makes me want to wander all at the same time.

Hippie at heart

Give me all the organic, good-for-you things from the earth.
I am insanely passionate about holistic health & love sharing my journey with food and autoimmunity to help others.


I am A

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