Why Eloping is the BEST Way to Get Married

Sedona Arizona Sunset Elopement

Reason #1

It’s way less stressful than planning a big wedding

When the focus of your elopement day centers around one thing and no one else, this is pretty self explanatory. Eloping is all about fulfilling your wishes instead of pleasing others. Eloping allows you to focus on YOUR experience first and foremost.

Reason #2

No excess opinions from family & friends

We’ve all heard it before. . .”Well when I got married, WE did this”. It’s only natural to want your friends & families opinions when planning your wedding day. But I’ve seen the stressful affects on my couples of having “too many cooks in the kitchen”. Everyone has their own ideas around what a wedding “should” be. No matter how close you are to your loved ones, they aren’t you.

Reason #3

No pressure to be the “perfect host”

Your wedding day should not be spent making sure everyone else is having an amazing time. It shouldn’t matter that uncle Harry ordered steak but got chicken. Or that you accidentally sat two divorcees next to each other. It shouldn’t matter if your guests will be upset about having to stand in the cold for your ceremony because you want it outdoors (this shouldn’t be a thing in the first place. . .it’s a privilege that they’ve been invited to witness something so sacred). These are a few of the many, many little things I’ve watched big wedding couples get consumed by on their big day.

I’m here to say. . .what about your experience? After all, this day is supposed to be about you and your partner. So let it be.

Reason #4

No distractions – You get to be totally present on your wedding day

A day specifically crafted around you, your partner, and the love you share where no compromises are made to please others? Sounds like a dream to me. With all the fussy little details tossed out the window, you get to be FULLY present on your wedding day to soak it all in and feel all the feels. You get to wear your heart on your sleeve and not worry about any outside judgements. You get to feel it all and show it.

Reason #5

You’re not pushed into traditions that don’t resonate with you

If you don’t want a traditional ceremony…don’t. Don’t want a big reception with a 5 tier wedding cake? Don’t. Not called to toss a bouquet at a bunch of single screaming ladies? Don’t. If that’s your thing…go for it. If not, why even do it in the first place?

Reason #6

Anything you want to do is fair game

I have “big wedding” timelines down to a science. In many logistical ways, they are all the same. When you elope, literally ANYTHING is game. There is no “suggested timeline”. Want to hike to an incredible view at dawn to say your vows as the sun comes up? DO IT! Want to share your first dance in the middle of nowhere under the stars? DO IT! Nothing is off limits. There are no “guidelines” to follow. You make your own rules.

Reason #7

You get to be unapologetically yourself

After photographing big weddings for nearly 7 years, I became tired of watching my couples “hold in” their true selves on their wedding days. It felt like a soul crushing experience each time I watched the production and stress of a big wedding overshadow why it was taking place in the first place. I watched beautiful humans with deep connections get lost in the hustle of a day that was supposed to be about…just that. When you elope, you don’t have that pressure to keep it all in. I am here to empower you to do the opposite.

Reason #8

Your wedding day is undeniably unique and irreplaceable

There will never be another elopement day like you own. You’re not one of hundreds (or thousands) of couples to get married at the very same venue, with similar timelines and traditions. Your elopement day is completely one-of-a-kind, and incomparable to any other.

Reason #9

The true meaning of the day remains intact

Without all of the little details, the production of a huge event, and the immense pressure to please others, the integrity of what your day is truly about remains alive and shining through at all times.

Reason #10

Your wedding day is truly about you-and that’s it

Need I say more? This is how it should be at any wedding, but during an elopement there is nothing in the way to push this to the back burner. Everything is what you want, on your terms, the way you want it.

Reason #11

No “all eyes on you” perfection pressure

I’m would bet money that every married couple who has had a wedding with a sizable guest list has felt this in some way or another. I’ve seen countless couples feverishly try to be “the most” everything on their wedding day for their guests to see. “The most” beautiful bride, have “the most” gorgeous attire or dress, “The most” perfect hair, flowers, venue, decor, music…the list goes on. Some people don’t like being the center of attention, and that’s totally okay.

Reason #12

You get to choose only the most important people in your life to be present

You don’t have to invite anyone because you feel like “you have to”. Perhaps you’ve started planning a traditional wedding and your guest list has somehow spiraled into 300+ guests. Not to mention their plus ones…

I’ve seen it all. “Well if we invite her. . .then we have to invite him too”

I’m here to say that you don’t have to invite anyone. I am here to empower you to do what you feel called to do, whether that be flying solo with your partner or choosing only your closest friends & family to share such a special & sacred day with you.

Reason #13

You’re free to be vulnerable and show your emotions

Because you don’y have 200-300 guests and their rando dates staring at you while you profess your deepest love and devotion to your partner. . .you’re free to let it all go. Let it out. Be present. Feel what you feel and show it.

I cannot tell you how many big wedding couples I’ve witnessed begin to cry, only to force composure so they don’t lose it in front of the parade of people staring at them.

Out of all the days of your life, your wedding day should be the day where you are able to be your true self and wear your heart and emotions on your sleeve.

Reason #14

No restrictions: you can elope any day of the week & at any time

Elopements actually typically take place on weekdays. This way, wherever you decide to say your vows, there is no crowd or tourists passing by. Elopements also don’t follow any sort of strict timeline. If it’s your dream to say your vows on top of a mountain at sunrise, I will gladly hike with you to that peak at 3am.

Reason #15

If plans change, it’s easier to pivot

There are just less moving parts to an elopement. Couples who elope are typically more free spirited in nature, and are OK with having to pivot their plans. Typically not much is compromised when an elopement needs to be rescheduled (like during a global pandemic). It’s less complicated to switch an elopement to a new date than it is to coordinate all of the events, guests, and vendors of a 300 person wedding to a new date.

Reason #16

You can elope anywhere in the whole wide world

ANYWHERE. Like not listed on Google Maps anywhere. It’s why they call it an “adventure” elopement! If we can get there by plane, boat, helicopter, or on foot, it’s game. Just as long as we are respecting the environment at the same time.

Reason #17

The place where you elope can become “your place”

Let’s go off the beaten path and find a place that’s just yours. How many couples go back to their wedding venue on their anniversary? Probably slim to none. But when you’ve said your vows in a gem of a spot out in nature, it’s fair game for you to return whenever you want and take in all the memories that flood in.

Reason #18

It’s likely that your elopement will turn into a multi-day experience centered around you

If you’ve decided to travel for your elopement, it’s likely that your trip will extend past the big day and turn into an incredible trip. An adventure elopement and honeymoon can easily merge into one.

Reason #19

No money spent on things you won’t remember

I’m not saying bringing a specific vision to life on your wedding day is bad at all. Everyone deserves a beautiful wedding day. But isn’t it nice to know that you will be spending your money on an entire experience instead of 200 linen napkins?

Reason #20

The greatest adventure of your life gets to take place on your wedding day

WOO! How exciting is this? People often say their wedding day is the best day of their life, but is it also the greatest adventure you’ve ever experienced? Few can say that. How beautiful and symbolic it is to intertwine the two into one incredible & cosmic experience.

And most of all…

you get to get married

the way you want to.

and there is nothing more fearless than that

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